Monday, March 09, 2009

In Need of Updating!

A: ArtistLaunch has both changed URL
and format plus knocked out some/all of the former artists if inactive;
I got no warning of this. What does this me for me personally, and my
readers generally? All AL links are from this point in time to be
considered null and void. I have not yet considered whether I will
rejoin the site. It most likely will not be worth my while unless I
begin to write and record new hypnosis sessions.

Whether or not to write and record new sessions depends on the following I feel about hypnosis as a practical practice for the
future, and even if I still do love it, whether it will be a waste of
time where profitability is concerned.

B: During My hiatus, My Art has changed directions from hypnotic to pure
visual for the moment. I've been doing Fractal Art since last May but it
didn't become My primary focus until November of 2008.

As I am not doing hypnodomination currently I am forthwith dropping
the Domme-caps format from my writing, unless the writing has to do
with Dominant Erotica.

I will be going through this blog in the next few months, and correcting
non-functional links. This may involve deleting whole posts; your patience
during this time is appreciated.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hmmm...let's see what we have for blog-fodder today!

1) I am in the middle of a DMCA dispute with Youtube

2) On My domain-based blogs, I have over 3000 spam comments and trackbacks
to remove

3) I may have finally found a piece of audio software that doesn't say
"no commerical use"

4) I am deep in study for the "Life in The UK" test, which I must pass
to obtain permanent residency in England

5) I am preparing to do Station IDs for an FM startup in my area

I think this is quite enough to keep Me busy for a while; don't you?

Monday, August 21, 2006

Hypnotic Enchantress's Hypnochat Schedule

Hypnotic Enchantress's Hypnochat Schedule

My newest blog is also a pointer to the chat schedule
for My newest web site.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Chat Portal Under Construction

I have decided to construct a site specifically for chat and not much more.

The title of this post links directly to this new dot-com, which is based off
one of many domain names I have kept parked against such a need. The site
has two rooms; one text only, one voice enabled. It is strongly suggested
that one waits until an announcement of an official chat has been made; many
have gone into other rooms I have online, expecting Me to be there 24/7.

NOT SO. I have a real life, a husband and real time concerns to deal with;
I will therefore announce when and in which of the two rooms
I will be present. This does not mean that one cannot come in
and just chat with any who might be there; I do not need to see
this resource become a free for all, however!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

DMD CD Title Range Now Stands at 9!

Often imitated, but never duplicated in totality...

The Hypnogoddess!

New DMD CDs bring the title range available to 9.

Full List of DMD CDs and Prices

Hypnogoddess One -- $15.99
A sampling of Hypnogoddess's IAC Catalog to date.

The Melting Of The Mind -- $20.00
The entire Evil Female Hypnotist Mind Meltdown series production to date. (Pts. 1-6)

The Gem-Heart of Hypnotic Enchantress Sapphire -- $20.00
Hypnotic Enchantress Sapphire's Gem-Heart Collection plus bonus track Submission Examination and origin story Arrival of the Sapphire Goddess

The NightCore -- First Encounters -- $20.00
The Entire NightCore Vampire hypnosis session set to date. Over 40 minutes of hypnosis on one album! All sessions produced by Hypnogoddess Dreamsender as The NightMare (NightsBlackDawn).

Many Dark Dreams are born of Vampire Lore; whether mythical or walking the Borderline of Reality, many have felt in their deepest Hearts, the Call of Blood to Blood, Mind to Mind...sinking deep into the hypnotic eyes of the Vampire Mistress or Master, never to arise a free soul...

The Worship of the Hypnodreamgoddess -- $8.99
HypnoDreamGoddess DreamSender displays Her Hypnotic Seduction Powers to the Listener, transporting him to the Gates Of Ecstacy...binding him more closely to Her than ever. (This session contains an experimental suggestion set; reminding all that you will not respond to any suggestion you do not truly wish to!)

Poetic Hypno-Priestess II -- $15.99
The first album of this name only featured selections by the Hypnogoddess-Facet NightsBlackDawn (The NightMare). Now enjoy several Facets of the Hypnogoddess in all Their hypno-poetic glory!

Hypnogoddess Facet-Sampler -- $15.99
One selection from each recorded Hypnogoddess Facet.

Hypno-Demo Sampler -- $4.99
Demos and samples by the Hypnogoddess plus bonus file Erotic Hypnosis and You Pt 1

Hypnogoddess's Hummingbirds
-- $6.99
Hypnogoddess Dreamsender proves she can Heal as well as Dominate, by taking the listener to Her Sacred Meadow to meet Her Royal Flock of healing Hummingbirds.

Why pay up to or over $50.00 per MP3 or CD offering, and often receive only one hypnosis session for your hard-earned
cash, when My sessions, some of the most advanced types of hypnodominance to
to be found Web-wide, are so affordable, and the albums in most cases, contain
multiple sessions for much less?

You do the!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Will Not Cease Hypnotizing Though on Hiatus...

For some time now, I have been anxiously awaiting the completion of
the Independent Artists Company's placement of its DMD (Digital Music
Delivery) Service for its Premium Artists. This initiation is finally

Through this new service, complete Artist CDs are available for direct
download, much the same way as was possible in the days of
Vivendi/Universal's ownership of I have compiled two DMD
CDs, which though of older material, have a never-before-presented
title and artist mix.

For the first time, you may have the entire Evil Female Hypnotist Mind
Meltdown series produced to date on one CD; the CDs, once purchased,
may be downloaded for burning to hard copy on your own computer, thus
saving shipping charges.

The second CD contains a never seen on one CD five piece compilation
of sessions and mixes from Hypnotic Enchantress Sapphire, Hypnogoddess
Dreamsender, and The Nightmare (Nightsblackdawn).

There are two places the CD contents may be viewed: on the IAC's DMD
Zone Page, found here...

And at the bottom of My IAC Artist Page, which has been newly updated
with 8 sessions and mixes, here...

Check out the Webradio stations as well!

Mystically Trancing,

Hypnogoddess Dreamsender (Title link leads directly to DMD "The Melting Of The Mind")

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Effective immediately and for the foreseeable future, I am on hiatus from this style of entertainment-based hypnosis. I will leave my web sites up for all to continue to enjoy, and will still practice hypnosis in other forms.

This is not goodbye...this is only farewell for now.

Monday, July 25, 2005


So far so good. I have managed to get about 2/3rds of my information changes done in regard to My new country of residence.

We see how getting the other parts of My life will go...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Story for Your Enjoyment

The Dream-Goddess, The Mer-Kitty, The Subbie and The Siren -- Version

FD MF FCS (Fabulous Creature Sex)

We have had many adventures together, My pet...from a simple
dancing girl an imaginary stage-hypnosis show that turns
into quite the wild ride, to your changing location without your own
knowlege...I have even shown you how absolutely entrancing a simple
glass of carbonated soda can you became totally lost in the
bubbles of the carbonation.

Now I decide that it is time to show you something a bit I drop you into trance, and allow you to see the
9story tall Dream-Goddess Herself. Imagine Me at 19...about 100
lbs...36-23-37, then blow that up to height of a medium-sized condo
building, give Her Wings, and you have

The Rapture on the face of most males when confronted with this
Archetypal figure is astonishing...and you are no different...but it
is not for erotic purposes I have brought this least not
initially. You are currently your mind...on the
Surface of the Sea of Dreams...a sea whose surface you cannot sink
below unless I will it; looking up at My radiant face as I wink down
at you...and I am actually winking in reality...knowing the
incongruity of what comes next...

You hear a loud splash! beside you...and turn your head to see
what is there. A head that resembles that of a very wet tigress with
blue fur...PUUURRRRRR...(splash)..."Oh-HO! it has been a while since
She brought anyone in to play!" You are astonished to see a set of
dolphin flukes breach the surface a few feet behind this head...

"You are in Her online Groups...yet you don't know ME? Then you
will not have the bag of oysters that is my usual due. I will be
right back!" And the mysterious creature dives back below the

Now I am, in My mind...both inside and outside the scene at once.
So I AM that 9-story Goddess looking down at you as you float
there...and you sink still deeper for Me as we wait for the Mer-Kitty
to return...I am holding back the flow of Nectar from My breasts, as
I know you are not ready for that...the sight of My Divine Body alone
is nearly too much for you...I watch many emotions cross your face as
I hover there in perfect contentment...but I KNOW Mer-Kitty has
mischief on her mind...*wink*

A short time passes...then TWO heads now pop from beneath the
suface. One is definitely Mer-Kitty...the other looks more like a
normal mermaid...if a mermaid can be said to look normal.

You see...Mer-Kitty is a rather unique creature. Half alien Bleu
Tigre, half dolphin...could you call her a Were/Mer-Tiger? As She
walks on two feet when out of the water...yet is definitely FELINE.

Her companion, on the other hand...has a human appearing upper
half. A very beautiful human upper half, may I add. Very chesty...
(46DD), tiny waist...(24)...and looks like She would have
had "breeder hips", if the fish-tail did not start just after her
navel. Long blonde hair streams behind Her in the water... you look up and see My naked Jewel starting to
realize here is a Being even I have some trouble resisting...then She
opens Her mouth and begins to Sing...I sigh in deep Wonder, for as
many times as I have heard Her...I still cannot get enough.

Her Voice is like a mixture of Liquid Sunlight, and Tangible Sex.
The first thing it touches are your pleasure begin to
tingle all over...but you cannot move...unlike the sailors in the
ILLEAD...who would have jumped overboard to be with Her, save for the
fact that Odysseus had ordered all to stuff their ears with
wax...that they would be deaf to Her charms...I have done what I
could for you by immobilizing your body...for if you were to dive
below now...I would lose I have had no time to transform you
for underwater living.

And I am in just as much a pleasure trance as you are
see Me sink closer and closer to the water...My juices running down
My thighs I reach out a Wingtip to gently stroke Chloe's
body. My Eyes are filled with tears of I bend full down to
kiss Her lovely face.

She half-rises from the water...bends Her head back...still
singing...and uses Her hair like a Whip across My is too
Much for Me...I immediately go into a rolling orgasm...My juices
flowing down into the water...

They are thick enough not to sink...but float there...right where
you can reach reach out a hand...and touch the silky
liquid...which sends an electric shock throughout your entire body on
contact...your already high level of arousal jumping to 1000 times
more the Siren's Voice continues to caress your mind...I
am lost in an orgasmic wave... mind blinded by the pleasure both
that I am feeling and that you are feeling.

The sensation of touching My orgasmic offering has made you
curious...if touching it does this...what would happen if you tasted?

So you reach your hand out...dip the tip of your finger in...and
touch your tongue. Two things result immediately; A: You find that
My juices are your favorite flavor in the whole world...and B: Your
arousal immediately climbs to the point of no return...

Seeing this out of the corner of My Eye, I nod to Chloe...and She
hits just one more note...deeper and more penetrating than any She
has sung yet...and THAT is too much for is almost like Our
first night love...jerking and quivering on the brink...but this time
it is Chloe, not I who grabs hold just in time...

As you explode in Her mouth with great force...all I can do is
grin at you from the depths of TopSpace...exhausted by the Mer-Kitty's
mischief-making, as I prepare to wake you.

Copyright 2004 HypnoGoddess DreamSender

Be sure to visit My newest audio site...

Hypnosorceress At Unsigned Band Web

Sunday, April 10, 2005



(Forgive My screaming for joy!)
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